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Tyson Dux on Wrestlers Who Give a Shit

by Spencer Love

Like many professional wrestlers, Tyson Dux is itching to get back inside the wrestling ring following what we hope is the worst of the COVID pandemic. However, Dux has kept himself busier than most despite the lack of wrestling, utilizing the down-time from international travel and wrestling events to grow elsewhere, building a successful YouTube channel and his own clothing brand, Hammerlock Apparel, to keep him occupied throughout the pandemic.

Motivation was a theme throughout our recent conversation for Love Wrestling, and as both Dux and I chatted about how various professional wrestlers have used the pandemic as an opportunity to grow, he took the opportunity to give his thoughts on both his own motivations as well as some of his peers who have spent their time wisely over the past eleven months.

The topic began with an offhand comment on my part.

“You can tell who gave a shit to actually workout and stay prepared and maybe get in the ring when they had the opportunity versus the people who really didn’t over the last little bit,” I commented to him in the midst of our chat.

“And that’s great!” Dux replied enthusiastically. “That’s what’s great about social media is if you’re not being inspired or at least driven by like, ‘oh, that guy’s getting ahead of me? No way!’ That’s the great thing about it.”

Dux was quick to use the opportunity to credit a few pro wrestlers that he believes have made the most of a terrible time in the world.

“A lot of people, we get negative on these stupid platforms, unfortunately,” he continued, “but if you take away the good and the positives – like if you see Josh Alexander, Walking Weapon squatting non-stop all the time, or you see [Mike] Bailey doing matches or you see Ethan Page (who) has completely, completely transformed himself over this COVID thing.”

I nodded in agreement as Dux continued.

“And Tyler Colton! Think about Tyler Colton in Winnipeg, who just won a strongman competition. If these guys are in the middle of COVID-type things, and they’re still pressing forward – Tarik, too. I’m going to throw Tarik in there, too, because I watched Tarik finally (get) back to the gym and he’s more jacked and swole than ever. So, that really goes to show that guys that really want to go for it, go for it. The ones that don’t just have excuses why.

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However, with social media sometimes being as negative as it is, I commented to him, where does he continue to pull consistent motivation from?

“It’s all internal,” Dux replied. “My father was always told me I’ve always had to work harder than anybody else. I’m not athletic by nature, I’m just a studier.

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I’m a hard worker, and I’m a studier. I’m a learner. It’s also repetition that I have become who I am. With that said, I press harder now at 42 because of my mind. The first thing that will go is your mind saying ‘ah, just take today off,’ or ‘oh, you’re sore, or your knee hurts, take today off.’ That’s the first sign I know that once I have those thoughts creep into my brain, I go three times as hard. So I’ll be in my gym and for the first time in my whole professional wrestling and my boxing career and all the stuff that I’ve done over my tenure as an adult, I’ve never pushed myself harder to the point where I was almost sick, like puking sick, because that’s the mentality. At this age, if you’re not willing to give it 1,000%, what’s the sense, right?”

““You’re your own deterrent,” he concluded emphatically. “You have the key – you have the keys to the castle, and you get the keys to the kingdom, man, and if you press forward, you can’t deny hard work. You cannot deny it, so just be harder working.

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And, if it falls back and you think you failed at it, then it’s time to work harder. It’s real simple. It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s it’s kept me around very, very long time. I’ve been very successful with it.

“I’m like, so happy with even through this rough period of time, it’s been almost like – it’s been rough, but we’ve still been able to do things. We’ve still been able to be more self-motivated and self-driven. So it’s good.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any of the above quotes used.

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