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ARTomic Drop | Itoh Respect Order Takeover

by Zak Ralph

Passion inside the ring inspires passion on-page. Here at Love Wrestling, we curate some of the best fan art we can find every week. Take a look at this week’s gallery and meet your new favourite artists!

These awesome artists work quite hard on these pieces, and we hope you can hit like or RT on their fine works!


This week, many AEW fans learned what joshi wrestling fans already knew. Buzz began when Maki Itoh was announced for the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament and grew further when she shut down Jim Cornette on Twitter (neither of those links are particularly safe-for-work, by the way), all of which underlined by the support of an existing and passionate fanbase. With that wave of fans discovering a new favourite wrestler and the Itoh Respect Order thrilled to see their queen succeed came a whole current of fan art!

Martin Dixon on Twitter and Instagram
Dino Champ on Twitter and Instagram
JCP Designs on Twitter
Matt Pierce on Twitter and Instagram

We could go on for days, but there’s lots of other art that needs to be celebrated!

Midnight Sun Creative on Twitter and Instagram
Whitney Harris on Twitter
Dave on Twitter and Instagram
Ringside Designs on Twitter
MrStephenPike jr on Twitter

All fan art is curated with permission from the artists. If you are the artist of any of these pieces and have changed your mind or believe we have had a misunderstanding regarding permission, please inform us and we will have it removed.

If you’d like to have some of your wrestling fan art featured, send me an email or at me on Twitter to call my attention to your latest work!

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