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LPW 20: Planet Slammet, Janet Results | October 27, 2023

by Ryan Gagne

On the heels of one of the grandest events in LPW history, the promotion celebrated two years of packing The Rec Room in South Edmonton Common with a tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, LPW 20: Planet Slammet, Janet. Featuring seven electrifying matchups, the performances didn’t disappoint as several storylines came to a close, and a handful of new ones were born.

Whether you watched the action in person or followed the show online, here’s a recap of how everything unfolded in what would be one of the most memorable nights of the year.

Se7en End “Judge” Ben Oomen’s Legendary Tenure as RADz’s Manager

LPW didn’t disappoint their fans with a banger to start the night, with RADz (TY Jackson and Rich King) going head to head with Se7en, led by Marz the Specialist and TJ Cannon. Additionally, both faction managers, “Judge” Ben Oomen (RADz) and Thaddeus Archer the Third (Se7en), jumped into the fight with their managerial careers on the line. After coming out as D-Generation X, the RADz opened the bout with a solid offensive attack, with Jackson leading the way. Eventually, King tagged in and took a beating by both Marz and Cannon before all hell broke loose, with referee Stuart Garvey trying his best to keep things in order.

Of course, Se7en used these opportunities to get in some sneaky moves before Jackson did a moonsault into a pile of wrestlers on the outside. However, these competitors were not done wreaking havoc on their bodies when everyone climbed up the turnbuckle in a human-like Jenga puzzle, only to come crashing down in various slams leading to the night’s first “holy shit” chant.

Finally, the crowd got what they wanted when Oomen and Archer went toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. The Judge landed a piledriver before body-slamming Marz down for a two-count. As chaos ensued again, Cannon nailed a low blow on Jackson for the win, thus ending Oomen’s time as the RADz manager.

Reid Matthews Outduels Dean Richtor in Slugfest

After working out in a car graveyard, destroying whatever he could get his hands on, Reid Matthews showcased that this specialized training regiment paid off with a victory over Dean Richtor. As two of the promotion’s strongest athletes began their battle after the bell, it was anyone’s game. The two exchanged blows and maneuvers without their opponent stumbling. Ultimately, this wasn’t wrestling a match; instead, it was a slugfest, with the two continuously testing their strength with their fists or slams. Eventually, Richtor executed a diving headbutt from the top rope, but Matthews landed his pattented Blue Thunder Bomb to pick up a convincing pinfall victory.

ROSE is Triumphant in LPW Return, Pinning Seleziya Sparx in Her Debut

As the show rolled along, the third match of the evening featured ROSE, who was making her LPW return, squaring off against Seleziya Sparx, who was making her LPW debut. Considering this match was the only one on the card that featured two elite women trading blows, they did not disappoint. After the first grapples, each performer got in some moves, going back and forth before Sparx took control of the momentum. Although ROSE never found herself in that much trouble, breaking any pinfall attempts at two, she found the strength to lead a vicious attack that led to the rowdy crowd chanting, “This is awesome.” However, ROSE’s assault was short-lived when Sparx got her down on the mat in a lengthy crossface that almost ended with a rope break, but the two, still locked together, ended up in the corner when ROSE managed to hit the Code Red and get the three count.

Jack Pride Retains, Narrowly Escapes With Scramble Championship

Although the original lineup for the Scramble Championship at LPW 20 changed in the days leading up to the event, Jack Pride is a fighting champion who had plenty of time to adjust his training approach for his latest title defense. Even though he wasn’t the star of this fatal five-way match, he found his moments to execute a few big spots, like diving into his competitors as they battled outside the ring, landing on El Asesino about three rows into the crowd.

After that initial fury of activity, Pride let everyone else beat up each other, with Riley Cruz, Maurice Waltz, and Will Mantla getting their chances to shine. Eventually, with Cruz and Mantla down, Pride pounced on his opportunity to secure the pinfall victory on Cruz. However, on the other side of the ring, unbeknownst to the official counting the fall, El Asesino had Mantla down in a pin. Immediately after the bell, the Se7en rushed out to celebrate with their Scramble champion while El Asesino was left to walk away empty-handed.

Clandestine Society Dominate Trios Match

When fans returned to their seats after intermission, the Clandestine Society, led by Michael Richard Blais, Steven Crowe, and Taryn From Accounting, took on the team of Jacky Lee, Shareef Morrow, and Liiza Hall. Ultimately, in one of the night’s most entertaining contests, the Clandestine all-star team orchestrated a well-thought-out plan of attack, which kept the momentum mostly in their corner for the match.

Crowe and Morrow kicked things off before Blais tagged in and kept the offense rolling. Eventually, Lee entered the match, but Taryn halted any opportunities to let the opposition gain any traction. Then, Hall came in for the first time and finally caused some damage for her team, sending the CS members scrambling. However, it was almost all for nothing as the Clandestine Soceity stars got Lee, Morrow, and Hall in submission moves before Crowe and Lee hit double knee strikes from the top rope, with the crowd erupting with “holy shit” chants.

After that carnage, Lee tossed Blais into the crowd, disrupting the first two rows at ringside, but Blais eventually had the last laugh by escaping a neckbreaker before going coast-to-coast with a leg drop on Shareef. However, when Shareef recovered, he had Crowe and Taryn locked in a DDT position when Blais hit a Vertebreaker for the hard-fought pin.

While the crowd was still celebrating the Clandestine win, Blais grabbed a microphone and told the crowd that he was coming for the Grand Championship. Whether he was next in line or the one who had to fight the next in line for their spot, Blais put the locker room on notice with his desire to once again hold championship gold.

Para Lire Remain LPW Tag Team Champions with Dirty Finish

As tag team champions, Para Lira (Berat Gorani and Sheik Shabaz) continues to roll through their competition, so Son of Irish and Jared Rogers got together to dethrone the reigning champions. Considering this match had some high flyers, there was no surprise that there would be wild stunts, like Son of Irish tossing Gorani into the crowd from the ring apron.

However, Para Lira, fighting as the APA (Acolytes Protection Agency) on the night, showed that pure strength is more valuable than landing flashy moves. Eventually, everyone got laid out for a five-count, and when they got back up, they exchanged blows, leading to a Shabaz chokeslam and Gorani splash from the top rope. As Gorani rolled up Son of Irish for the pin, Shabaz, outside the ring, held down his opponent’s feet, making it impossible to kick out, which led to another Para Lira victory leading many in the crowd to say, “DAMN!”

Lumberjack Larry Woods Overcomes the Odds to Win LPW Grand Championship

In one of the most extraordinary main events in LPW history, underdog challenger Lumberjack Larry Woods took a beating. Still, he overcame the odds and chaos to be crowned the new Grand Champion. Interestingly, for weeks leading up to this main event match, Zoë Sager talked down her opponent, and with Matthews at her side, it seemed the Intangible Era would never end. Yet, on a snowy night in late October, an entire locker room of heels couldn’t keep Woods down on the most incredible night of his LPW career.

After the opening bell, the two superstars took turns with offensive attacks, leading to Woods attempting the first pinfall early. Eventually, Sager gained the upper hand and briefly controlled the pace until Woods found his moment to land damaging blows to the champion. Despite all her attempts, Woods would not stay down, kicking out of several pinfalls, which got the crowd in his corner for his resiliency.

However, after referee Garvey got knocked out, chaos ensued. First, Matthews hopped into the ring and laid a beat down on Woods. Although that wasn’t enough to slow him down, he managed to execute a leg drop from the top rope on Sager, who found herself in trouble at this point. Then, Se7en came out with Marz, Cannon, and Pride all taking turns pounding on Woods. Finally, the RADz came to the rescue, with Jackson taking everyone out from the top rope. Yet, this carnage wasn’t enough as Se7en began their assault again, forcing CWS stars Blais, Crowe, and Taryn to run out, with Blais clearing the ring.

Luckily, Garvey slowly got back up and managed a very slow two-count for Sager after a low blow. However, he took another bump and was done for the match. Ultimately, in one of her last acts as champion, Sager desperately tried to knock Woods into next year with a vicious chair attack that left him bleeding from several wounds on his back. Despite all the interference and physical beat down, Woods found the energy to execute his famous Sawline finisher and, with an official running in from the back, secured the one, two, three for the Grand Championship.

Upcoming LPW Events

Surprisingly, after one of the wildest nights in LPW history, the Rec Room in South Edmonton Common still stands. As Spencer loves to point out each time he’s in the ring with a mic, LPW is only getting started, and the best is yet to come. Ultimately, tonight proved that LPW is the hottest professional wrestling ticket in town. As details about the November show begin to be released on social media, we advise you to act quickly to get your tickets before you miss out on the carnage and history in person.

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