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Jack Pride

by Staff
Quick Hits

Hometown: The House on Paper Street

Nicknames: “The Man of Two Minds”

Alliances & Factions: Leader of Se7en, featuring TJ Cannon, Marz the Specialist, and managed by Thaddeus Archer the Third

Championship History

1x LPW Scramble Champion (current)

1x CWC Alberta Champion


Jack and Pride make up the two halves of The Man of Two Minds. Jack, the happy-go-lucky personality that wants to make friends and have fun. Jack isn’t afraid to dive off a balcony and put himself in harm’s way to take out an opponent.
Pride, the cold and calculating personality. The brains of the operation, he prides himself in being multiple steps ahead of the opposition. Combined, they make one of the most unpredictable and dangerous wrestlers on the LPW roster, and with Se7en behind him, who knows just what Pride has planned?

Career Highlights
  • Became the inaugural LPW Scramble Champion at LPW 14 (28/04/23)
  • The longest-reigning CWC Alberta Champion of all-time (504 Days)
  • Made Monday Night RAW debut in a backstage segment on September 26th, 2022
  • Challenged Vaughn Vertigo for the PCW UK Cruiserweight Championship in the title’s first Western Canadian defense

Twitter: @JackPr7de

Instagram: @mindofjackpride

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