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Taryn From Accounting

by Staff
Quick Hits

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Nicknames: TFA

Alliances & Factions: The Clandestine Society (Michael Richard Blais, Steven Crowe)

Championship History

1x LPW Challenge Champion


There are only three things that are certain in life: Death, Taxes, and Taryn From Accounting!

Since beginning her career in 2019, TFA has quickly become one of Western Canada’s most popular performers – and, one of its most ruthless. One of the hardest-hitting stars on the scene today, Taryn utilizes both her brute force and in-ring savvy to break down even the most daunting of opponents. I mean, there’s a reason she carried the LPW Challenge Championship for a total of 316 days, right? (Oh, hell yeah!)

Following her record-setting reign on top, Taryn shifted her focus to the tag team division, routinely partnering with her Ride or Die companion in the Clandestine Society, Steven Crowe.

Career Highlights
  • Longest-reigning LPW Challenge Champion of all-time (316 days)
  • Successfully defended the LPW Challenge Championship against the likes of Nicole Matthews, Veda Scott, Rachael Ellering, Zoë Sager, and Steven Crowe
  • Original member of The Clandestine Society
  • Wrestled Calamity Kate at Rogers Arena in Vancouver (WrestleCore)
  • Made her DEFY Wrestling debut in October 2022 against Amira
  • Made AEW debut in Winnipeg, Manitoba against Skye Blue

Twitter: @TFAWrestling

Instagram: @taryn_from_accounting

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