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Michael Richard Blais

by Staff
Quick Hits

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Nicknames: “God’s Gift to Wrestling”

Alliances & Factions: Leader of The Clandestine Society with Taryn From Accounting & Steven Crowe

Trainer: TJ Wilson

Championship History

1x LPW Grand Champion

1x WrestleCore Infinity Champion

3x PWA Champion

4x PWA Tag Team Champion

1x Stampede Wrestling Commonwealth Champion


Trained under former WWE star TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd), Michael Richard Blais has established himself as one of the standard-bearers of Canadian professional wrestling. Beginning his career with the legendary Stampede Wrestling, “God’s Gift to Wrestling” quickly earned a reputation as one of the Canadian wrestling scene’s brightest young talents. In his time with Stampede, Blais became the youngest Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion in the promotion’s history.

Through most of his career, Blais primarily wrestled for the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, based out of Edmonton, Alberta. In his time with the PWA, MRB became synonymous with the promotion, earning every championship the promotion had to offer. In his time with the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, Blais formed a tandem with Brandon Van Danielson as the Western Lions, where the duo became the first-ever co-holders of the PWA Championship.

A part of each and every LPW show since it’s inception, Blais played a foundational role in the promotion’s early success. Blais’ tilts with the likes of Randy Myers and Travis Williams culminated at LPW 4, where he became the first-ever Love Pro Wrestling Grand Champion. In his time at the top of the promotion, MRB was challenged by some of the best and brightest in the Canadian independent scene, including a series of first-time-ever tilts against Mitch Clarke, Nicole Matthews, and Mark Wheeler.

Career Highlights
  • Became the first-ever LPW Grand Champion on May 27th, 2023 (LPW 4: Let’s Talk About Wrestling)
  • Successfully defended LPW Grand Championship against Mark Wheeler, Nicole Matthews, Jack Pride, Mitch Clarke, and Bobby Sharp
  • Leader of the Clandestine Society
  • Former teammate of Brandon Van Danielson in The Western Lions
  • Wrestled Samoa Joe in Joe’s 2nd-last independent match
  • Has appeared on Monday Night RAW, 205 Live, and NXT
  • Made DEFY Wrestling debut on March 11th

Twitter: @GodsGiftMRB

Instagram: @godsgiftMRB

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