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Love Pro Wrestling Results: May 25 & 26, 2023

by Spencer Love

Love Pro Wrestling returned to action last week with a pair of back-to-back shows at the Rec Room South Edmonton! New champions were crowned, possessions were distributed, and Edmonton got another dose of the best of the best above the 49th parallel.

Weren’t there? We’ve got you covered! Get yer full results below, courtesy of Love Wrestling!

LPW x CWS #3 Results | Thursday, May 25th, 2023

The Clandestine Society (Michael Richard Blais & Taryn From Accounting) def. Rylie Rose & Sheik Shabaz

Berat Gorani def. Jared Rogers

Zoë Sager def. Jack Pride & Steven Crowe

Possession on a Pole Match: Marz the Specialist def. The Thickness Reid Matthews

LPW 15: VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER(BOMB) Results | Friday, May 26th, 2023

LPW Challenge Championship Match: Son of Irish (c) def. Mitch Clarke

Marz the Specialist def. TJ Cannon

The Clandestine Society (Michael Richard Blais & Steven Crowe) def. El Asesino & Syd Greed

#1 Contendership Street Fight: TY Jackson def. Michael Allen Richard Clark

LPW Scramble Championship Match: Jack Pride (c) def. Taryn From Accounting, Reid Matthews, Mo Jabari, & Jared Rogers

LPW Tag Team Championship Match: Para Lira (Berat Gorani & Sheik Shabaz) def. The RADz (Rich King & Lumberjack Larry Woods) (c) – NEW CHAMPIONS!

LPW Grand Championship Match: Zoë Sager (c) def. Sebastian Wolfe

Current LPW Champions

Grand Champion: “The Intangible” Zoë Sager

Challenge Champion: Son of Irish

Scramble Champion: Jack Pride

Tag Team Champions: Para Lira (Berat Gorani & Sheik Shabaz)

Cast & Crew

Referees: Stewart Garvey, Mike “The Fitz” Fitzpatrick

Commentary: Big Bad Boris

Production: Dustyn Devos

Upcoming Events

Love Pro Wrestling returns to the Rec Room South Edmonton for a pair of shows on June 29th (LPW x CWS #4) and june 30th (LPW 16: I Think You Should Lariat)!

LPW x CWS – https://bit.ly/43v4djx

LPW 16: I Think You Should Lariat – https://bit.ly/3BJT7es

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