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Michael Richard Blais Makes Pro Wrestling History, Raises $10,650 for Stollery

by Spencer Love

Alberta’s capital city made history last Saturday, as local pro wrestler Michael Richard Blais took part in a record-setting gauntlet match benefitting the Stollery Children’s Hospital. The match, lasting eight hours, two minutes, and thirty-seven seconds, raised nearly eleven thousand dollars for the Stollery, with a final total of $10,650 dollars.

“I’m sore, tired & I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m really proud of us all for getting through it and raising so much for the Stollery,” commented Blais following the event. “8 hours of in-ring time, with $10,650 raised for the Stollery. It couldn’t have been done without all my friends and the entire city supporting us. A huge thank you to Edmonton and the worldwide wrestling community for supporting us.”

The event, which took place at Blais’ training facility, the Clandestine Wrestling Society, was announced in celebration of Blais’ 20th year in professional wrestling. Blais began his training in Calgary, Alberta on May 13th, 2003 with former WWE Superstar TJ Wilson (fka Tyson Kidd).

Beginning just after 12:00 PM last Saturday, the Infinity Gauntlet saw Blais cycle through 36 individual segments ranging from five minutes to half an hour apiece. Every four matches, Blais earned a five-minute break in which time was not kept. Independent stars through Alberta also participated in the event, including LPW stars Zoë Sager, Taryn From Accounting, “The Thickness” Reid Matthews, Jack Pride, the RADz, and Steven Crowe.

“It was really incredible to watch. Michael did something that no one else would be able to do,” stated Sager, the current LPW Grand Champion. “He inspires me so much, and I am so grateful and proud to have been a small part of something so special.”

“It was an amazing thing to be a part of. I knew if anyone could do it, it was him,” echoed fellow Clandestine Society member Taryn From Accounting. “But, there were still points throughout the day where I was legitimately worried about him. Around hour 4 or 5, I could see him laughing and smiling once in a while which let me know that he was good. It was an honor to be a part of something so monumental and for a great cause.”

One of the most decorated pro wrestlers in Canadian wrestling history, Blais has appeared for many of the world’s biggest professional wrestling promotions, including multiple appearances for WWE throughout his tenure as a professional wrestler. For the past year, Blais has wrestled primarily for Love Pro Wrestling (Edmonton) and WrestleCore (Vancouver). 

About the Clandestine Wrestling Society

Founded as a wrestling promotion in 2019, the Clandestine Wrestling Society has evolved into a full-fledged training facility in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta. Led by founder Michael Richard Blais, the Clandestine Wrestling Society members have earned a number of opportunities on international television, including at the recent All Elite Wrestling event in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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