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Maria Kanellis chats about Quinn McKay

by Spencer Love

If you’re a fan of Ring of Honor, chances are you’re a fan of Quinn McKay.

As simple as the statement may be, it’s far from a false one. Since joining Ring of Honor as a backstage correspondent nearly two years ago, McKay has consistently been one of the most entertaining parts of the promotion’s weekly programming. Her bubbly personality and over-the-top enthusiasm has earned her recognition as one of the best and brightest personalities in wrestling today, and rightfully so.

However, before there was Quinn McKay, backstage reporter, there was the wrestler. In fact, McKay was the first female ever signed to a Ring of Honor developmental contract following her training at the ROH dojo with current PURE Champion Jonathan Gresham. “Simply put, she was a natural athlete with a unique look and a positive demeanor,” Gresham has said. “To me, that’s something valuable and needed in any company.”

Despite rave reviews from a number of Ring of Honor’s top stars, McKay hasn’t had the opportunity to showcase herself inside an ROH ring – yet. Tonight, she’ll make her official in-ring debut with Ring of Honor, facing off against seven-time Women’s Champion Angelina Love in a qualifying match for this summer’s upcoming women’s tournament.

With all of that to consider, I had to ask Ring of Honor Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett about McKay, and what she believes is going to differentiate her in a tournament with some of wrestling’s top female stars.

Quinn McKay. Talk to me a little bit about her! You mentioned, obviously, [having] the best high flyers, the best mat wrestlers, the best everything, including obviously the best backstage interviewer in the game today. She’s a bit of a wild card as far as it goes. I know she’s wrestled before [and] done a great job of that. But, this will be her official Ring of Honor in-ring debut. What do you think she’s going to bring? And then, just take me through the experience of working with her backstage.”

Kanellis smiled as she began her answer.

“One thing that Quinn said to me that really has stuck with me is when she says she’s going to do something, she does it, and she does it 200%,” Kanellis stated. “You can see that with how she is in her backstage interviewing. You can see it when she’s training, when she’s been preparing for this match. Her devotion to the craft, the way that she studies it, while she’s in the gym. Her integrity is going to be all the difference in the world. Sometimes that pure will will make up for years of experience. That is what I really admire about her. That’s what makes her stand out.”


As a former backstage interviewer herself, Kanellis has a unique perspective on the intricacies of the job and the talent required to be successful at it. It’s something that comes naturally to McKay, says Kanellis, praising her eye for detail as a backstage personality.

“Working with her backstage as an interviewer? It’s like I’m going back to school in a lot of ways. She’s such a natural, she’s quick-witted, and she’s highly intelligent. She pays attention to what everybody is doing and where they want to go, whether it be their character, or what titles they want to go after. She can keep all that information in her very tiny shell. So I admire that. I definitely admire that.”

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