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Randy Myers on World of Hurt, Rowdy Roddy Piper

by Spencer Love

In 2012, Ravenous Randy Myers was part of a program airing exclusively in Canada called World of Hurt, a pseudo-Tough Enough program featuring a number of today’s top stars including Taya Valkyrie, Kc Spinelli, and Myers himself. While the first season featured Storm Wrestling Academy founder Lance Storm, the program’s second season was hosted by none other than Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Of course, I had to ask the Weirdo Hero about his time on the program when we recently chatted for Love Wrestling, both on the training aspect itself and what he learned from the legendary Saskatchewanite.

Like the storyteller he is, Myers kicked off the story about as perfectly as possible.

“Okay, well it came out of me being a bitter asshole for lack of a better word.”

As I laughed, he continued, smiling himself.

“The first season was Lance Storm. He hosted and coached the first season. They held their big show, like filming of all the matches they were going to have, at a PWA show, which I had been, you know, felt like I was that was like my show, and I worked hard to make this show what it was. And that was just ego, and obviously all wrestling, it’s like a circus. We need everybody from the popcorn seller to people putting up the ring to the promoter and all that.”

“At this show, they had put our show, the PWA show was beforehand, and then the Lance Storm show was more of the main event show. So we were all kind of treated as like ‘dark matches,’ and I felt like ‘I’ve been wrestling in this town longer than any of these people that are on this Lance Storm World of Hurt show! Who do these people think they are coming into my town and taking over my show!’ Not my show, but I thought it was.”

“They had footage of me setting up the ring because that’s what we all did,” he continued. “We all came and set up the ring, and the World of Hurt people came over to me. They had another dressing room, too, which, don’t get me started on that. But they came up to me, and then they had me – they asked me if they could fill out this form because I was in footage of setting up the ring and they wanted kind of footage of the ring being set up. And I’m like, ‘okay, so I’m not going to be on the show, but you’re going to show me like I’m some guy who sets up rings? Don’t you know who I am? I’m nobody, I sure think I’m somebody!’ So I was like, ‘no, I’m not going to sign on to that. You’re not going to pay me anything for my likeness. I’m not going to do this. You can blur out my face or put a blue dot on it like they do on Cops.’ And they’re like, ‘do you have any idea how expensive that is? And I’m like, ‘I don’t care. You’re not gonna pay me!'”

“I was gonna say,’ I interjected, “it probably cost more than it would pay [you]!”

Myers laughed. “Exactly. So I was a real jerk that night. And then, being that it was a reality show, the best way to audition for a reality show is to be a drama queen. Because then, Season Two comes around and they’re like, ‘we need wrestlers to fill out season two. Do you remember that drama queen? That guy was such a dick! There’s no way we can bring him on and he won’t stir up so much controversy. They came to me, and I was kind of shocked when they came to me. I was like, ‘okay, this, I don’t know about this.’ But then as soon as they dropped Piper’s name, they knew they had me. The money wasn’t great, but it was like, I like put it through my head and I was like, ‘how much would I pay to get trained by Piper?’ So I was like, I’m totally gonna do this. I was a little bit walking on eggshells because I knew that like, ‘do these people like me? Or are they just here to make me look like an ass?’ But, I love looking like an ass, so that always works out anyways.”

That’s so cool man, and especially getting the opportunity to learn from Rowdy Roddy Piper,” I replied to him. “I don’t think anyone can stress just what a cool opportunity that is for anyone. Nonetheless, someone [like], let’s just stress here, Canada’s own Rowdy Roddy Piper!”

Myers agreed.

“He was like an idol of mine growing up,” stated the DEFY World Champion. “He was my guy like, He has that like unique ‘it’ factor that was unmatched by anyone else. You couldn’t pretend to have that, you know what I mean? It wasn’t trumped up. As much as I believe that he turned it up, I believe that that was just him, and it was uniquely him. Just this energy. The first moment I met him, they did like a shocking thing where they were like, ‘okay, we’re gonna have everyone come into the office here to do like a little interview,’ and then he was just there. We didn’t know he was going to be there. I think nine-out-of-ten of us, I think we all cried. I think we all cried, broke down. He had this way of staring into your soul and kind of knowing you better than you knew yourself. The lessons I took from that ten days to two weeks shooting was astronomical.”

Noting my curiosity, the Ravenous One gave a few examples of Piper’s warm-hearted nature outside of the wrestling ring.

“He was such a kind soul,” he was quick to point out. “That was the thing that I took away was he was everything I wanted Roddy Piper to be but then 100 times sweeter. Such a kind maniac, and that’s such an inspiration to me because I have such a high energy level and such a high capability to get big and to get large right away. But the way he was able to have that, to be both the kind and the maniac, just, again, is inspirational to me and just showed me that like, obviously, he had his demons, and he was able to work through them and end up being this kind, sweet man who was willing to teach us all it took us all under his wing. [He] was teaching us meditation tactics, as well, teaching us breathing techniques before our matches and stuff like that, and had all sorts of cool things. So you would do countdown breathing. It was like, he would have you breathe into five, like, breathe in 1-2-3-4-5, and then breathe out, 5-4-3-2-1, and then again. It was really great. Just the way he was able to like – you could tell that it was a wild man who was centered. That was like such a cool opportunity to feel like kin to him.”

“He was the first one that opened up that sensitive side to me. He could tell right away that I had issues with my father, which [happened] right away. Like he looked at me and he said something and I’m like, how do you… [are you] like a psychic or something like that. That was what broke me down. And then he was like – just to able to be sensitive. It was the first time it showed that again, the vulnerability. It was the first time to show that ability. He brought that out in me, and forever, I’ll be grateful because that’s my greatest thing I have. Appreciated and ushered into the world and into the professional wrestling world by Roddy Piper.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any of the above quotes used.

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