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TJ Wilson on Being Booked for Money in the Bank 2012

by Spencer Love

“Plans change” is a phrase that most professional wrestling fans are familiar with, and almost always in a negative connotation. We’re all more than well-versed in matches being canceled, pushes being negated, or storylines being dropped at a moment’s notice.

However, the phrase isn’t always one to be taken negatively. In fact, those infamous changing plans directly resulted in Wilson’s appearance in the 2012 Money in the Bank Ladder match, which many people view as one of the former Tyson Kidd’s breakout performances in his WWE career.

Wilson recently detailed the story to me in our upcoming conversation on Love Wrestling.

“My theory, also, as a talent was that any Monday, the next Monday could be your Monday,” Wilson stated. “My go-to example of this is [that] I was sitting at a RAW once, and I see a bracket for the next day for Superstars. It was like myself against Yoshi, or JTG, or somebody, which is fine. I saw Jamie Noble, and I said, ‘hey, Jamie, if you get a chance in the meeting,’ I said ‘I understand how these meetings go,’ and I didn’t understand, now I actually do. I didn’t. I said ‘I kind of understand how these meetings go. If you get a chance, if you could try to get it switched to me against Trent’ – I always liked my chemistry with Trent – ‘if you can get that, I haven’t wrestled him in a few weeks, it’ll be fun.’ And Jamie’s like ‘yeah, no problem. That shouldn’t be a problem.’

“So the next day, I’m working out and Jamie sends me a text,” continued Wilson. “He’s like, ‘hey, it’s you versus Trent on Superstars.’ I said, ‘awesome. Thank you so much.’ Then, he texts me back, like, 20 minutes later. I’m still at the gym and I see Jamie texted me. I’m like, ‘I wonder what this is about.’ He’s like, ‘actually match changed.’ I’m like ‘goddamn.’ And he’s like, ‘now, it’s you versus [Jack] Swagger, [and] you’re qualifying for Money in the Bank.'”

“So like, next Monday, it could be your Monday,” commented the three-time tag team champion. “That week, the day before, I didn’t think ‘hey, I think I’m going to be in the Money in the Bank this year.’ I didn’t think that, and then I was in Money in the Bank that year in Phoenix. So any Monday, next Monday could be your Monday. Or, if you’re a SmackDown talent, next Friday could be your Friday. It could be. You may not be booked this week. You may not have been booked the three weeks prior, but next week could be your Monday [or] your Friday.”

“I’m just speaking from my experience,” he finished. “This is how I view my career, my in-ring career. And, what I do now is all positive. It wasn’t perfect. There were a lot of things that ,you know, a lot of times I thought I could be utilized better. And that’s fine. That’s my opinion versus other people’s opinions. And that’s fine. I’m not looking for someone to agree with me or disagree. I just know my value in the ring and where I thought I could, at the very minimum, get to. But at the same time, I also was wrestling for the top company in the world, and I’ve been there ever since 2006. So I can’t – at the same time, I also can’t complain about that. So, like I said, it wasn’t always positive, but you got to find little positive spins.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used.

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