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Memesplash: This Week In Wrestling Memes

by Zak Ralph


WWE’s flagship program might not presently be as critically acclaimed as it’s blue-branded counterpart, but it’s still been lush with meme material. So we have that to look forward to tonight, right?

Too real, Memes. Too real.

Ding Dong! Hello!

Talk show segments are a dime-a-dozen on WWE TV, so it was easy to groan at the announcement of yet another one.

But then again, this one was to be hosted by Bayley, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that she was going to knock it out of the park.

Not without sparking her own share of memes, though.

I’m generally against live action remakes, but I’m listening…

WrestleMania Announcement

On Saturday, WWE announced the dates and locations over the next three WrestleMania’s. WWE’s penchant for WrestleMania related announcements usually involve press conferences, which for obvious reasons was not happening this year. Instead, fun was had. If you’ve not seen it yet, enjoy the WrestleMania Report!

There’s lots to joke about, but let’s be honest, the star of the video was Triple H’s wig. The hairpiece reacted like a gravity well of meme fodder.

Begs the question; what’s his Patronus?
To be fair, Pacitti is hero to many.

The video, while highly enjoyed by wrestling Twitter at large, also drew a fair comparison to an existing IP from Kayfabe News.

Which all spiralled into the gauntlet being laid out.

Do you want to see a showdown between Marx and Panki? Let us now in the comments!


If you only watch one clip in this article, make it this one.

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