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Sweet Whispers, Our Lost Royalty Revenue and More of This Week’s Best Memes in Memesplash

by Zak Ralph

Here at Love Wrestling, we endeavour to catalog all the memes and inside jokes of pro wrestling before they become overused and about as impactful as a superkick. Whether the meme was exclusive to our fandom or co-opted from the zeitgeist at large, you’ll find it here!

Roman’s Sweet Whispers

Usually it’s RAW that leaves us with ample meme-material, but Smackdown is submitting it’s offering. In a tense confrontation between WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Royal Rumble winner Edge, Roman would lean in close and say something for the benefit of Edge alone.

With a heel who has been firing on all cylinders and a strong babyface that just about everyone is firmly rooting for, it was a compelling piece of television. Speculation about what Roman could have said to Edge began almost immediately, but so did the memes.

Love Wrestling’s Lost Revenue

Full disclosure, here be some inside jokes galore! On the February 13th edition of Talking Smack, Cesaro was given the rare opportunity and he knocked it out of the park.

Now, something he said here looks very good on a shirt, and unfortunately for the website you’re reading this on, it wasn’t “Still Going” or “Hard Work Pays Off”

WWE would continue to rub it in our faces.

Nothing but love for Cesaro and this fire design, but let’s just say the Love Wrestling team saw our potential revenue stream cut off at the legs and needed to blow off a little steam. Observe!

Lucky for Spencer, I’m pretty proactive.

But hey, we’ll always appreciate Cesaro, but if we may suggest a subtle update-


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