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RJ City’s Hey EW. THE Interview Of Interviews.

by Omar MA

It was Friday and ya boy was ready to swing to YouTube and watch some videos because life couldn’t get better than spending an hour watching YouTube Shorts videos while Subway Surfers is at the bottom of every clip nowadays because I’m as young as they come. 

Now, I’ve always seen the thumbnails of RJ City with a whiteboard behind him labelled “Hey Ew” in some of AEW’s videos on my feed (Which I realised later on that it’s a great double entendre given that Hey Ew is spelt as “Hey You” and that’s how he starts his interviews). 

And man, I’m glad I gave RJ City’s Hey EW a chance, which is odd considering that I’ve watched some of the content, mostly notably his feud with actor and best WCW champion ever if your name is Vince Russo, David Arquette.

You’re probably asking, “Who’s RJ City and why is he beefing with old people? Like who the hell does he think he is? Randy Orton?” 

RJ City is kind of, yes no, maybe, I don’t know, depending on the day, a professional wrestler that wants to shy away from his Canadian roots as well as making references so old and specific that it’ll make you question whether he’s as old as Helen Mirren. 

RJ also livestreams on YouTube (previously on Facebook) making coffee in his underwear which I mean who doesn’t? Putting on pants? Pffft. Overrated! 

What makes the unofficial New Yorker stand out amongst the rest of the “backstage interviewers” pertaining to Hey Ew is the dry sense that’ll make the British proud mixed with the wittiness that came straight out of the character Lorne from the TV show Angel and a tablespoon of sarcasm. 

Let me highlight some of the A* quality journalism from RJ City because why not, right? 

Ricky Starks: “Let’s talk about your pose. The first time I saw it, I thought,” Oh my God, he’s got a migraine” “. 

Billy Gunn:  “Do you ever go to a cocktail party and say, “Please, call me ass?””. 

Rob Van Dam: “You first appeared on wrestling television in 1987 when Ted Dibiase paid him, paid you to kiss his feet. How did you escape the stigma of being a foot fetishist?” 

Hikaru Shida: “Wrestling is what happens when your school doesn’t have a theatre program” 

Wardlow: “What is it like to be a young Amish Wardlow?” 

Jeff Jarrett: “David Arquette. He was a promising young actor. He did “Never Been Kissed” and then you were like, “psst, wanna hold a belt”?”

Vince McMahon: “In 1997, you uttered the line, “Bret screwed Bret”. My question is, as of right now, Who screwed Vince, Huh? Don’t answer, it’s your back.”

That last one was made up but you know that’s something he’ll likely ask because I appreciate him for it. 

On and all, Rj City’s Hey EW is a great twist in the “Between Two Ferns” genre of interviews within professional wrestling because let’s face it, in the world filled with “how did you get started” and “Do you aspire to win a champion (despite either winning a title or currently holding said title)”, RJ City’s Hey EW is particularly distinct, insightful and downright hilarious. 

In other words, Hey Ew is the interview of interviews. 

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