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Censoring, A New Championship, and the Best in Recent Memes in Memesplash

by Zak Ralph

Here at Love Wrestling, we endeavour to catalog all the memes and inside jokes of pro wrestling before they become overused and about as impactful as a superkick. Whether the meme was exclusive to our fandom or co-opted from the zeitgeist at large, you’ll find it here!

WWE Network to Peacock

After licensing their content to NBC a few months back, US subscribers of the WWE Network saw the WWE library moved to Peacock. On paper, it seemed like a no-brainer. Peacock is less expensive than the oft-touted $9.99, so subscribers would be able to binge The Office for the twelfth time between pay-per-views.

With the move, though, came the firm censoring hand of NBC. As opposed to taking the Warner Bros approach of putting a disclaimer in advance of problematic content, Peacock opted to remove content of lesser-ethical standards. In and of itself, it’s an understandable decision, but with it was born them memes.

We all know who the true winner in all of this is.

The NEW IWGP Championship

This week, IWGP Champion Kota Ibushi was presented with a new championship, signifying the official unfiication with the IWGP and Intercontinental championships. And of course, the unspoken rule of unveiling a new championship belt is the subsequent comedy roast on Twitter.


I’d like to dedicate this meme to Mr Warren Hayes.

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