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Jeff Jarrett on Larry the Cable Guy, Spring Breakers

by Spencer Love
Jeff Jarrett Spring Breakers

Two-time Hall of Famer. Seven-time Intercontinental Champion. Founder of TNA.

There are quite literally hundreds of accolades that apply to Double J, Jeff Jarrett, including two that may not be so front-of-mind as his exploits in professional wrestling: actor and wrestling coordinator.

Fear not, dear reader: we’re here to explain. As part of my upcoming conversation with the wrestling icon, I asked him about his experience working on Larry the Cable Guy’s Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau – yes, great name, we know – and the legend went in-depth into his experience not only with the famous comedian/repairman but a few of his previous acting roles.

“We’ll get back to pro wrestling in a second. You mentioned TV, you mentioned movies, I had to ask and I don’t really have much context outside of the Wikipedia page. But, what was it like working with Larry the Cable Guy as his wrestling coordinator?”

Double J burst into laugher.

“Blue Collar Comedy! That was a lot of fun,” he chuckled. “Just the different opportunities that come out of being around this business. I did a cameo in Spring Breakers. My kids are Selena Gomez fans, and we go and Spring Breakers was NOT a Disney movie if you’ve ever seen that.”

“To say the least!” I exclaimed.

“When you look at that, or Blue Collar Comedy, Life with Mikey, Head of State with Chris Rock, all the different kinds of movies and TV shows and opportunities. Traveling over to Abu Dhabi and eating a meal with the royal family. Just the opportunities, literally, it’s just crazy, sort of the life I’ve been blessed with.”

Jarrett chuckled again before concluding.

“Blue Collar Comedy [and] Larry the Cable Guy, that is one – I can say this, he’s as funny off-camera as he is on.”

Please credit Spencer Love with any of the above highlights and transcriptions. Thank you!

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