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Smark & Friends #75 | CHANGE THE GAME with Warren Diesel Barris

by Zak Ralph

Days before Love Wrestling and Force Pro Wrestling host CHANGE THE GAME, we speak to event commentator Warren Diesel Barris! Edmonton knows Warren from his work on 100.3, and much like CHANGE THE GAME is excited to welcome him to the announce table, we’re excited to chat abou the event with him on Smark & Friends!

We’re talking about Warren’s work in radio on the Toby and Warren Show and some of the interesting opportunites it’s opened for him – one such opportunity earning him the ol’ pat on the back from Chris Jericho. And while Warren is looking forward to checking a dream off of his checklist working commentary for a wrestling show, the rivalry between he and Thaddeus Archer (which stems out of a Live, Laugh, Love sign) may rekindle at the announcer’s table! All this, an in-depth preview of CHANGE THE GAME and much more in a fun conversation!

Not in Edmonton? Catch CHANGE THE GAME for FREE on Love Wrestling’s Twitch channel. Anyone can watch, subscribers can chat. If you have considered subscribing to our Twitch in the past, THIS is the week to do it!

Smark & Friends is available through Love Wrestling’s Podbean and other major podcatchers, along with the full video of this interview on Twitch and YouTube.

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