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Smark & Friends #80 | Technical Tina

by Zak Ralph

If you’d like to watch a crisp video of Nicole Matthews vs Ava Lawless with great commentary and no technical difficulties – we invite you to wait until Monday and come back to this episode later! But if you want to sit in while two good friends have a drink while enjoying (or at least trying to enjoy) some quality wrestling, join Zak and Smark & Friends producer Technical Tina, as we enjoy Matthews vs Lawless from Change The Game.


Tina Lulham has been the producer of Smark & Friends since day one, long before we joined the team at Love Wrestling. We chat about the goodwill departure from our previous network Two Finger Guns Club and enjoy some pro-wrestling – all the while doing our best to navigate audio and video issues, and just struggling to get back into the swing of things regarding producing content!

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